Make IKEA a breeze…

Make Ikea shopping a breeze

We all remember that spur of the momement trip to IKEA to pick up some new furniture and wondering how on earth we are going to fit it into the car? Well worry no more!

Self Move Hire has some amazing deals on mid-week UTE rentals to make that IKEA or eBAY pick up hassle free. Get 2 hours rental FREE OF CHARGE when you rent a UTE or 1 tonne Van from our local fleet of rental vehicles. Yes thats right, hire a UTE for 2 hours and receive another 2 hours rental absolutely free. No more worrying about squeezing in that flat pack furniture or stressing over how your going to move all those boxes. Self Move Hire take the hassle out of moving and transporting bulky items. You can move More for Less with Self Move Hire.

Get a Complimentry Upgrade – Move More for Less when you book midweek – get 4 hours but only pay for 2!

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