ON ARRIVAL: On arrival at the nominated Agency, introduce yourself to the staff member and ask for the Hire Agreement. Read and check the Hire Agreement. Sign one copy and leave it at the store. Take the other with you to the vehicle. Check the vehicle for any recent damage, not mentioned on the Hire Agreement. Also check the fuel type, Fuel level displayed on the gauge plus the kilometers shown.

Check the condition of the vehicle before leaving the Agency. If there is a discrepancy in fuel reading, kilometers stated or damage listed, report this to the Self Move Hire team on 1300 826 883 before proceeding.

Agency staff will also advise you of the return procedure for the location you are returning to at the completion of your Contract. All vehicles are to be refueled by the Customer on completion at the returning petrol station.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The following are some important matters which all Drivers and Hirers should understand before proceeding with the hire to avoid extra expense.   The Self Move Hire website also provides additional information.

FUEL TYPE and FLUID Levels: Fuel is not included in the cost of the hire. It is at the Hirer’s expense. Always ensure the correct fuel is replaced in the tank during and at the end of each hire. Diesel or Unleaded Petrol will be needed. Please check the fuel type before filling up.

Our insurance does not cover damage from the use of incorrect fuel. This is your responsibility. Similarly the correct maintenance of engine oil and water levels are your the responsibility during the hire period. Please stop and let us know immediately if any warning light or other indications of a fault or any excessive wear appear at any time during the hire.

ROAD TOLLS: Toll payments are the driver’s responsibility on all toll roads. These costs are not included with the hire and must be paid at the time of travel, or very soon after.

We recommend that you avoid toll roads wherever possible, simply to keep your costs of travel down. If you do intend to travel on Toll roads or get caught on a toll road unexpectedly, no problems, simpley call the Toll Road Operator within 48 hours with a credit card and the registration number of the vehicle you hired. You can also do this online with the relevant Toll provider.

If you do not cover your toll fees as suggested above. We will do this, however as it requires our administration time , including having toll invoices signed by a Justice of the Peace, and as such you will incur a processing fee of $33.00 per unpaid toll plus the amount of each toll notice.

INFRINGEMENT NOTICES: We charge a fee of $33 to process infringement notices as we need to locate and visit a JP. Please take care with parking, speeding and all other road rules to avoid this extra expense.

EXTENSIONS: Early advice is appreciated. At busy times, like weekends, there may be other hirers awaiting your vehicle return. A penalty late fee may apply if other Hirers are inconvenienced due to late return of your hire.  Insurance may not be available to you, if the company has not agreed to the extension. All agreements will be confirmed in writting by Self Move Hire.

ACCIDENTS AND INSURANCE: Please note that property damage is at the Drivers expense by law, not the company’s. The company provides insurance protection to drivers which is limited and subject to terms and conditions as described on your Hire Agreement. All accidents even minor ones must be reported to Self Move Hire within 24 hours. All drivers must be over 23 years, licensed to drive and named on the Hire Agreement for insurance to apply.  The hire and any extensions must be authorized and paid for in advance of your use for insurance to be on offer to you from our insurer. No insurance is provided when vehicles are overdue on hire or the driver is under the influence of alcohol, affected by drugs, under 23 years, not named on the contract or for any other reason detailed in your hire agreement.

All damage and loss caused in Single Vehicle Accidents, accidents off roadways (that is occurring on driveways, in parking lots or on private property), accidents with stationary objects including parked cars and all reversing accidents are at the Driver’s/ Hirer’s expense. The Excess Waiver Fee does not reduce the excess payable for these accident types so the deposit and excess is payable. The excess waiver fee reduces the excess to to nil for complying on road accidents only. The excess is not payable when the driver is not at fault (as determined by the Police) and the driver causing the accident is reported to the company in writing. Otherwise the Hirer remains liable for the excess and the deposit when damage or loss has resulted in the hire.

All items carried in or on the vehicles are to be secured by the driver. No insurances is provided for property carried. You must arrange your own insurance for goods in transit if required. Contact your home contents insurer if applicable. All terms and conditions are as stated on the Hire Agreement available in Store or on request. Rental vehicle insurance is very limited meaning all accidents cost money and often leave both Hirers and the company out of pocket. Excesses, loss of use and ever increasing insurance premiums apply, so please take care. The standard excess for all collisions is $3500. This is payable on demand otherwise insurance is not provided and the applicable Hirer /Driver remains liable for all property damage and all losses which result from the hire.


All cancellations:

1) Local Hires:  Less than 7 days but more than 48 hours before pickup time – $33 cancellation fee Within 48 hours of pick-up time – 50% of hire fee for hire.

2) One-Way Hires & Interstate Hires: Over 7 days 75% refund. Less than 7 days but more than 48 hours: 50% refund. Less than 48 Hours: No refund.