The following is provided to give you ample time to familiarise yourself with the contract you enter into from reservation, provision of personal details and payment, to the collection of the hired vehicle.

This hire is subject to the terms and conditions of this contract as recorded here available from the hiring agent with the vehicle hereby hired. All hirers are to read and accept the hirer’s declaration below (all pages to be noted) before signing. This agreement authorises the company to charge nominated cards and take other action to collect debts from the hirer and to exchange details with debt collection agencies. Limited insurance only is provided. Paying for the hire does not guarantee that the vehicle is fit for the intended use. The hirer must assess the condition and suitability before and during the hire and be responsible for additional charges resulting from the hire, if any, particularly during long hires, if damage or loss occurs, fair wear and tear accepted. Trailer hirer’s are to follow all rules and regulations as stated above and must ensure the vehicle is roadworthy prior to connecting the trailer to the vehicle.

You should not sign this Agreement unless you are sure you understand its effect and are prepared to take responsibility for the vehicle here by hired for the period of this agreement and until the vehicle is returned to the Owner. DO NOT Proceed with this hire if you are unwilling or unable to meet any consequential safety and financial risks and obligations arising from the hire and your chosen usage plus any extra fees, tolls, fines, accidents, breakdowns or recovery costs that may occur during the hire.


I, the above named person, agree to hire the vehicle identified on a SELF SERVE basis for the fee and period shown on this page having read and accepted the Company’s terms and conditions available to me here in printed form for the motor vehicle and/or trailer, as appropriate, hereby hired and defined below as the ‘vehicle’. I acknowledge all information provided by me is true and correct, Plus

I agree to pay all tolls at time of travel or otherwise pay a standard $33.00 administration fee plus the toll charge for each toll incurred. I aslo permit the company to send me a follow-up email after this hire and understand that I can unsubscribe from receiving future emails thereafter.

Joint Hirers and all drivers must be named on this Contract and are joint and severally responsible under this Agreement to strictly observe all conditions and actions listed. No insurance cover is provided when this Agreement is breached by the Hirer, the vehicle is over due and hire extensions are unauthorised and/or not paid in advance of usage. No insurance also applies when the Driver is not named on the Agreement. No oral statements override this written Agreement which is the whole Agreement between the Company and the Hirer. The Agreement applies equally regardless of the Hirer being a Company, constituted body or individual.

The Hirer must agree as follows:

CHECK the vehicle for roadworthiness, safety and suitability for intended use prior to and during the hire.

STOP & call the Owner on 1300  826 883 (any hour) immediately if any malfunction, defect or discrepancy is encountered, or if unable, or unsure, in regard to the condition of the vehicle, or the requirements of this Agreement. Failure to do so may result in loss of hire, and repair costs.

REPORT any vehicle DAMAGE, accident and/or collisions to the owner immediately (or within four (4) hours) and provide Police and witness details for all accidents and collisions. Written reports of all accidents are to be forwarded to the company Head Office within 48 hours of the accident. The deposit payment must accompany all collision reports before the Owner will provide insurance cover to the Hirer. Property damage not reported and accompanied by the applicable payment of deposit amount shown above, within 48 hours of the collision, remain the responsibility of the Driver/ Hirer.

The insurance excess of $3500 or $7000 (whichever is applicable at the time) will also be payable except when the Insurance Excess Waiver fee is paid for at the time of booking and prior to the commencement of the hire unless however, the hirer/ driver has not abided by the guidelines of this agreement and any road rules applicable within Australia at the time. The Excess waiver fee can not be used to waive the excess after a collision has occurred. It is only payable prior to the commencement of the hire. The applicable excess is also payable on demand, after the damage has been assessed, before any damage claim will be accepted by the Owner.

ACCEPT responsibility for all traffic violations, fines and toll road fees.

SECURE all loads with fasteners of appropriate strength & number to prevent movement of loads and accept all liability arising from damage to the load, or caused by the load moving, during the hire.

- Use is not permitted while the Driver is intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as defined by law. If found, you will be referred to the police.

The vehicle must NOT be used to carry any ANIMAL or pet except if the vehicle hired is a horse float or dog trailer. If you do, you are taking and accepting full responsibility for injury or damage in connection with the animal being carried and will not be entitled to any refunds, depsosits and may be charged cleaning, administration or excess fees that will be applicable at the time of investigation.

The vehicle must NOT be immersed in any river, sea or flood waters.

The Hirer must not DRIVE OR TOW if inexperienced with the vehicle type or when holding a drivers licence for less than 2 years or when under the age of 23 years in regard to motor vehicle hires.

The Hirer must NOT carry any flammable or explosive substance in the Hired vehicle.

The Hirer must NOT engage in any race, trial or paceway event or drive in any overloaded or dangerous manner. If caught, then you will be referred to the police and this hire agreement will become null and void.


Local Hires – 7 days or more from the pick up date = 30% or  $33.00 whichever is greater at the time of the hire. Less than 7 days but more than 48 Hours of pick up time = 50% of the hire amount. Less than 48 Hours = 75% of the hire amount. Less than 24 hours = NO REFUND.

One Way Hires/ Interstate Hires including Interstate Return Hires – 7 days or more from the pick up date = 75% of the hire amount or any deposits paid at the time to secure the vehicle. Less than 7 days of the pick up date = 50% of the hire amount or any deposits paid at the time to secure the vehicle. Less than 48 Hours = 25% of the hire amount or any deposits paid at the time to secure the vehicle. Less than 24 hours = NO REFUND.

Pay on demand for any damages & losses, including loss of use, incurred by the Owner resulting from the Hire due to any cause resulting from the Hire when no insurance cover is available including damage from flood, overhead and under body damage and when the driver is unlicensed or his blood alcohol or drug percentage exceed amounts permitted by law or when any breaches of this Agreement occurs, such as allowing an unidentified driver to control or tow the vehicle.

Accept the company has a right to repossess, track or isolate the hired vehicle without notice and at the Hirer’s expense if it is illegally parked, used in violation of the law or in violation of this Agreement.

DEPOSITS are payable at the commencement of each hire for all cash customers and on demand for Credit Card Customers. All deposits paid are refundable following the return of the vehicle to the Agent provided that the vehicle is returned on time and undamaged during the hire period. Extra fees may be deducted from the deposit before refunding. The deposits are not returned and become payable on demand when any breach of this Agreement, damage or loss has occurred regardless of the cause or when extra fees become payable and are not otherwise paid. Deposits are $500 (1 ton vans & utes) or $950 (2 ton Vans). Deposits are $700.00 for Hirer’s and Drivers with overseas licences unless local identification is accepted prior to the hire commencing unless approved by the Owner.


 Check and maintain all relevant oil and radiator coolant levels and air pressures, during the hire period. The Hirer must accept liability for any damage occurring during the hire if engine oil and coolant levels are not maintained or if the vehicle is driven when warning indicators are displayed on the instrument panel.

replace any fuel used by the hired vehicle during the hire and ONLY fill with the correct fuel type as shown on this Agreement.

pay on demand any charges for excess kilometres travelled beyond the initial agreement at the rate stated on the recent price list as of time of call.

Accept and be liable for all damage caused while reversing and any other damage not covered by insurance such as flood, mechanical and overhead damage plus all damage in any single vehicle accidents which are a consequences of this Hire.

Tow ratings shown must not be exceeded.

Where the optional INSURANCE EXCESS WAIVER FEE is paid for Motor Vehicle hire, the insurance excess payable by the Hirer is reduced from $3500 to the applicable hire deposit amount of $350.00 for the 1 tonne vehicles and $7000 to the applicable hire deposit amount of $700.00 for the 2 tonne vehicles, for all insurance claims accepted by the Company.


The Hirer shall connect the trailer, to the tow vehicle himself and follow the “Instructions for Use of Trailers” and the “Instructions for Winching”, when applicable, noting specific information is available on request. (All vehicles being winched are to have a safety person inside to apply braking, the cable is to be covered with a blanket to prevent whiplash injury on failing and all care must be taken to ensure the winched load rolls freely without snagging. Faulty and defective winches must not be used and must be reported).

Abide by all conditions of Hire forming this Agreement including, towing only with a registered and adequately insured motor vehicle and being liable for all losses or damage to people or property resulting in connection with this Hire regardless of how it is caused and paying for any losses or damage to the trailer and fittings regardless of how it is caused except where liability for trailer damage is waivered by payment of the waiver fee (TDW) for the period of the Hire.

Towing is permitted only with a vehicle fitted with a complying 50mm tow ball and safety chain securing points and a rear overhang from the back axle to the tow ball of no more than 1.5 metres, noting that most trucks and buses are excluded from use as tow vehicles by this Agreement.

Not exceed the rating of the tow bar or the GVM of the tow combination, nor exceed the load rating of the trailer hired which is 500kg for small and medium box and cage (single axle) trailers, 1000kg for twin axle Enclosed trailers and up to 1500kg for Big Cage and Car Carriers.

USE a shackle of matching size to secure the safety chain and take prudent precautions given the relative nature of the tow hitch fitted to ensure the trailer does not separate from the tow vehicle during use.

Pay for the full replacement cost of the trailer in the event of it being lost or stolen during the Hire or damaged during breaches of this Agreement, unless the trailer damage waiver fee is paid, will be limited to the deposit paid.

The Hirer must check the trailer for chassis cracks, wheel bearing and coupling damage, tyres plus light and brake operation before proceeding and during the course of the hire to ensure safety.